Medical Medium Life Changing Foods

Our first line up of smoothies, contain these four (4) core ingredients.  Pears provide the backdrop giving a subtle and sweet support for our smoothies. Pears are powerful yet they allow other fruits & vegetables to shine.  Apples connect us back to our source and provides a gentle reminder that you matter.  Zucchini provides added fiber without the bulk and without distraction to your taste buds.  ​Celery is the ultimate eliminator - helping you get rid of what no longer serves you.  It alkalizes the gut and helps move fear out of your body.  Celery also restores your entire digestion system and gives you a sense of peace. 

With each smoothie, we hope to cleanse, support, rejuvenate and elevate each and every cell in your body.  Together, these ingredients provide a solid foundation for our smoothies.  Find out more by placing your mouse over each picture.  

Our sources:  Medical Medium: Life Changing Foods, Anonthy Williams 
  1. Source:  Medical Medium: Life Changing Foods
    Loaded with phytochemicals, trace minerals, amino acids: valine, histidine, threonine & lysine Support for: Pancreas Protection Stress Relief Digestion Toxin Expeller Liver Cleansing Stomach Tonic
  2. Zucchini
    Loaded with Vitamin C and A, Potassium, Magnesium, Copper and Folate High in Fiber Support for: Weight Loss Protects against infection & disease
  3. Celery
    Powerful anti-inflammatory. Clears out pathogens, toxins, and unproductive bacteria, yeast, mold and fungus. High in bioactive sodium Supports: Your body's PH levels Cleanses out toxins Raises hydrochloric acid in stomach to ease digestion Helps kidneys by restoring adrenals Eases the mind
  4. Apple
    Contains flavonoids, rutin and quercidin - phytochemicals, manganese, molybdenum and electrolytes and critical mineral salts Support for: Heavy metal and radiation detoxification Cleanses and purifies organs Improves circulation Repairs damaged skin Regulates blood sugar Colon Cleanser Hydrating
We choose grounding fruits & veggies - those that are either immersed in the ground or grow low close to the ground.  Strawberry together with Raspberry and Rhubarb are meant to remind you that life has it's sweetness but also has it's sourness (or tartness). But more importantly,  that no matter lifes ups and downs, you can always to choose to have a fresh perspective -- that is what the basil is for!     

  1. Strawberry
    Protector against cancer, heart disease and inflammation
  2. Rhubarb
    Facilitator of healthy digestion, brain health and bone growth
  3. Beet
    Cancer Fighter & Powerful Detoxifier
  4. Raspberry
    Powerful Antioxidant and Heart Protector
  5. Basil
    Reliever of Digestion and Headaches
Our intention behind the LOVE smoothie is to instill a belief that you are powerful and that everything within your hearts desire is truly within in your reach. Your heart is a magnetic organ with the capability of magically bringing everything you desire within your reach.  Kale is one of the strongest leafy greens and together with spinach, they remind us that we have the strength to persevere.  The hard outer shell of the pineapple and fennel plants remind us that we are much tougher than we think.  Lemon cleanses our soul and relieves us of any feelings of worry, stress and distress.  It literally clears the path and disinfects so that we can manifest with ease.   Tarragon gives us peace and solidifies the trust we have in the universe.  Chlorophyll nurtures the heart with new red blood cells and renews every cell in the body. 
  1. Spinach
    Energy Restorer & Cancer Fighter
  2. Kale
    Cancer Fighter & Detox Enzyme Booster
  3. Lemon
    Liver Cleanser
  4. Fennel
    Relieves intestinal spasms and cramps & a Stomach Toner
  5. Tarragon
    Relieves anxiety and insomnia
  6. Pineapple
    Digestion Facilitator & Natural Blood Thinner
  7. Chlorophyll
    Red Blood Cell Restorer & contains anti-aging compounds
CLARITY was developed to help you see more clearly about the situation you are faced with but also to become more focused in your desires.  When life makes you feel uneasy,  reach for the CLARITY smoothie and know that everything will be ok.  Spearmint will help relieve you of any symptoms of anxiety, nausea, indigestion, and headaches.  Wild blueberry infuses you with energy to overcome obstacles and become stronger and more resilient. It's message is to rise up and face the future with a deep sense of trust that you will be supported.  You are always supported. 
  1. Wild Blueberries
    Wild Blueberries
    Promoter of Brain Health & Improves Vision
  2. Spinach
    Cancer Fighter & Energy Restorer
  3. Spearmint
    Relieves nausea, indigestion, headaches and stomach distress
  4. Rhubarb
    Promoter of healthy digestion, brain health and bone growth
  5. Raspberry
    Cancer Fighter & Powerful Antioxidant