Our Core Belief is in Our Name
About Living Farmacy

We fundamentally believe that you are your own healer. Each and every person has the ability to heal themselves, no matter the disease and no matter the circumstances. ​​

That is, YOU ARE a living pharmacy.  Your body has its own chemist, creating harmony amongst cells and chemicals within it. When your body is functioning at its best, it creates whatever it needs to stay healthy.   

Living Farmacy inspires you to live life to its fullest and do more of the things you love.  This way, you can tap into your body's innate healing abilities.  Eating plant-powered foods activates the farmacy within you. 

We are more than just a food company. We are change makers with a deep desire to heighten your awareness of the foods you eat.  

We want to inspire you to think of food as more than just fuel for your body, but also as gifts from nature with life giving medicine that can transform your body, mind and spirit.  

We want to bring the joy and fun back into eating fruits and vegetables. So, we shine a light onto the essence and power of plants and willingly challenge the status quo in everything that we create

Values We Live By 
Behind every product we create is a clear intention to serve and support your highest potential & well-being. ​ We do not take short cuts.
We do the heavy lifting so it can be easy for you to make healthy part of your every day rituals. 
Really YUMMY 
Let it be EASY 
The ingredients that make up our products matters.  We select ingredients with specific benefits in mind.  

We aim to be NON-GMO first and organic,  when cost effective.  
Every meal should be enjoyable. We make it easy to love eating veggies.  
We hope to free up just a little more time so you can focus on doing what you love and connecting with people who truly matter.